الأربعاء، مايو 14، 2008

End of the World!

Are we going to face the end of the world, humanity, and life?! This what I thought of when I attended the Climate Change Conference held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria) from 10 to 13 May, and was attended by high profile scientists from around the globe.The organizers of the conference arranged a public session, so that ordinary people and Media representatives can meet with experts, and discuss with them the great threat of the climate change phenomena. During this session, we have watched the full movie of Mr. Al Gore, the former vice president of the US, entitled "An Inconvenient Truth". What we have to be aware of is that Egypt is on the top of the countries threatened by the side effects of the global warming. Alexandria, Kafr El Sheikh, Port Said, and most of the Delta will drown by sea water. Consequently, about six million people will be refugees inside there own country. Moreover, because of the climate change, agriculture will be affected badly, which will lead to starvation. The Nile will dry up, or at least, we will lose 70% of our water sources. Some diseases, which we have successfully fought before, will appear again, such as malaria.
All what I have written above is not going to happen in the next century! this will take place, as said by 99% of accredited researches, in about 35 years from now, if there are no measures to be taken and mitigation to be done.
The climate crisis will not only affect Egypt, it will also harm many parts of the world, particularly in Asia and Africa. But that doesn't mean that Florida as an example will not drown. More precisely, Disney Land will disappear, many parts of NY, and other states in the US. The problem is that developing countries are the most vulnerable to the problems of the global warming, although their contribution in this phenomena is not compared at all to the US, which is the biggest pollutant country in the whole wide world. So, why on earth it doesn't join the Kyoto Protocol that aims to mitigate the climate change?!
I personally advise all of you to watch the "An Inconvenient Truth". It will answer all your questions regarding this issue, and enrich your knowledge. It is an excellent peace of art, which no doubt deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.