الأحد، ديسمبر 31، 2006

Saddam Execution

I am not one of the supporters of Saddam, he did nothing for his country except wars and havoc, and I see that being executed is fair enough for his crimes and atrocities. But the verdict was taken under the American occupation, and it was carried out in the first day of Eid ul-Ad'ha while Muslims were celebrating it. This is totally condemned, and it is unacceptable.
I wish all the Iraqis who hate or back Saddam will unify against the occupation and sectarian conflicts.

الجمعة، أكتوبر 27، 2006

في عيد ميلادك الكام وسبعين

أحمد فؤاد نجم

سيدي الرئيس
في عيد ميلادك الكام وسبعين
كل سنة وانت طيب
واحنا مش طيبين
كل سنة وانت حاكم
واحنا محكومين
واحنا مظلومين
واحنا متهانين
ويا تري يا حبيب الملايين
فاكرنا ولا احنا خلاص منسيين
فاكر المعتقلين
فاكر الجعانين
فاكر المشردين
فاكر اللي ماتو محروقين
فاكر الغرقانين
الله يكون في عونك - ها تفتكر مين وللا مين
في عيد ميلادك الكام وسبعين
بقول لك كلمتين
شيلتنا طين
وهل تعلم أن النيل بقي رشاح
والجو أصبح بيئة والعيشة ولعة
والشرفا قلوبهم عالبلد والعة
وانت عاملهم مذبحة ولا بتاعة القلعة
والإقتصاد سداح
والسرقة بقت كفاح
ومصر متاحة بس للسياح
وعرض البلد بقي مستباح
ورتنا الويل
دا الخطوة في عهدك بقت ميل
والضحك بقي نواح وعويل
عارف الكوسة
ممكن أقول لك فيها مواويل
والجامعة بقت يا إما كباريه أو دار مسنين
والشباب معظمهم من غير خمرة سكرانين
والعلم عز علي المتعلمين
والأساتذة بقم دجالين
والقادة بقم طبالين
واديني في الهايف يا حبيب الملايين
عارف اليابانيين
زمان في سنة اتنين وخمسين
كان عندنا تروماي وكان عندنا علم ومتعلمين
وثقافة ومثقفين
وأدبا وعلما وفنانين
وكانو اليابانيين
بالنووي لسه مضروبين
وللصدقة مستحقين
دلوقتي إحنا فين وهما فين
هما فوق واحنا في أسفل سافلين
أمن بلدنا بقي تنين
والمحاكم اتملت مظالم
والعدالة بقت كمالة
وكلمة الحق في الزبالة
وأصحابها في الزنازين
القطاع العام....عام
وفي جتة بلدنا بيرعي
أفتكر لجنابك إيه وللا إيه
وكل ذكري ليك بدمعة
آآآآآآآآه آآآآآآآآه
أنا كنت حالف ميت يمين
أكملهم لك تمنية وسبعين
بس ها كفيهم ورق منين
وكل سنة وانت .............
واحنا طيبين

السبت، أكتوبر 14، 2006

Pope Benedict's speech

Pope Benedict's last speech in Germany inflamed the Muslim anger because of what is considerd offending Islam. The figure of Catholics all over the world quoted that Islam was spreaded by sword, he said that this quotation doesn't express his own beliefs, but why he quoted it especially that it could have been skipped from the context without affecting the meaning.
After the election of Joseph Ratzinger to the papacy, Muslim reactions were cautious, Turks were dismayed by his very public opposition to their membership in the EU saying that "Europe was founded not on geography but on common faith" , also his inaugural address was empty from any point to Islam, a fact welcomed by the "Jerusalem post" as a hint that the Vatican's willingness to open hearts and minds to dialogue with Islam was now to an end.
On the other hand, his Polish predecessor had certainly recognized Islam's immense importance and had sought to encourage a friendly Muslim view of the Papacy. Pope John Paul achievements were significant after his death, as Sahykh al-Azhar, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Iranian president Khatami and even Taliban leaders in Afghanistan expressed their sorrow for his death and described it as a big loss for the Catholic church and the Muslim world.
Big difference between the previous and the present Pope who seems to walk after the footprints of Bush and the extremists of the

الجمعة، أكتوبر 13، 2006

All for one and one for all

I really feel sorry for the internal crisis in Palestine which is significant in the conflicts between the two main factions Hamas and Fatah.
What on earth makes them fight each other, destroy official properties and target their own Palestinian brothers and sisters!!

This is not the first time to see this mess, we witnessed Palestinians who opened fire on Egyptian soldiers trying to flee the borders towards Egypt, also there were many confrontations between supporters of Hamas and Fath, which lead to casualties in both sides and in innocents too.
However, the international community is responsible for the most of this escalation in the Palestinian scene as it confronted Hamas's legitimate government, imposed blockade on it and consequently on the whole Palestinians, and on the other hand supported the losers who failed in the democratic elections "Fatah", which lead to increase tensions between both sides.
But Palestinians have to be aware that these unacceptable acts will divert them from facing the main enemy "Israel" which is the one and only one who benefits from this internal crisis. They have to unit in the face of the enemy, be one hand following the quote "All for one and one for all".